House Remodel

The Adventures of a DIY house remodel

5/5/2020 Update

It is finally that time of year where I can continue my work outside. The bedroom will be put aside for rainy days as I get the attached garage torn down, the roof re-framed and shingled and start on the siding. With the first order of business in tearing down the garage, will have toContinue reading “5/5/2020 Update”

4/28/2020 Update

I have finally finished the floor for the bedroom. I added 5 1/2″ EPS foam insulation on the floor, a layer of OSB since the floors in the adjacent rooms were 1/2″ higher and then finished off with 3/4″ tongue and groove sub floor. All this is held together by both floor screws as wellContinue reading “4/28/2020 Update”

4/23/2020 Update

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since the last post. With having to move all schooling online and trying to get work done around the house as well has been an adventure. With the the concrete finally dry enough to put weight on them, I have starting to install the adjustable posts andContinue reading “4/23/2020 Update”

My journey in a complete live in remodel of my house

   After graduating from the Building Trades Program at Lake Area Technical Institute in 2019, I have begun the complete remodel of my house. Since I am unable to afford to live somewhere else temporarily while I do this, I am attempting to do it in stages that allows me to still live in the house. I worked throughout the summer to get the exterior stripped, new windows and fresh OSB with the weather permitting (one of the wettest summers on record).

   Now that summer is over and we are in winter, I am moving my efforts to parts on the inside of the house. I will update more as I go down this remodeling journey. Below is the progress so far on the exterior of the house, with the roof and siding being the main focus once it warms up again…weather permitting.

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